Data Science Recruitment

Employer Services

Contingency Search

This method is for Datatech to help you locate candidates who are actively looking for a new role. To do this, we mainly use job boards, LinkedIn, networking and our candidate database, grown and developed over 25 years of working in the data industry.

Our contingency service operates with a fee only on placement.

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Third Party Advertising

With this consultative solution we help job seekers to identify our clients by positioning them specifically in the most effective job advertising channels. This mix of storytelling PR and targeted advertising will help grow awareness of your brand and at the same time reach a wider and more relevant audience of candidates for your vacancy.

The mediums we use:

Data events, Press coverage, Aggregators, Industry Journals, Social media campaigns, Job boards, Special groups & Forums

Our fees will include agreed advertising costs and placement fees.

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Referred & Executive Search

Key hires need top talent. Yet talented senior hires are hard to spot in the regular recruitment channels.

Executive Search - Our vast network enables us to engage with the small pool of executive candidates. We identify and target professionals, then manage them through the interview and offer phases. This method can reach the talent that conventional hiring techniques cannot.

Your total cost could be no greater than the equivalent Datatech fee for recruiting via Contingency Search. The fee is payable in three parts: Initial Commitment, at First Interview and at Role Commencement.

Referred Search and Confidential Introductions - Hiring someone already employed can be a delicate process. We can act as ambassadors to individuals that you know you want to hire or to those that have shown interest in working with you.

We charge an introduction fee to the hiring company should the individual be engaged.

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Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

Women in Data (WiD)

Women in Data is a movement launched by Datatech in 2015 which has become a force for change in data science and data analytics. It is a platform for female and gender diverse data professionals to share technical knowledge, expertise and experience, to encourage more diversity across our industry.

Girls In Data

Girls in Data is a network to inspire young women to embrace a career in the world of Data & Technology. The Girls in Data mission is to connect young women with accessible and positive role models, whilst providing a resource platform to explore career opportunities in the world of Data & Technology.

Diversity Consulting

Since our launch of the Women in Data movement in 2015, a community setting to equip, develop, and connect women across all data disciplines, Datatech Analytics places Diversity & Inclusion at the heart of its recruitment consultancy service. We work with organisations to help them build diverse data teams through inclusive leadership. We design and deploy sessions that highlight all aspects of day to day data practice. Our consultants prompt and guide your leaders to reevaluate how they manage, promote and lead their data practitioners. This bespoke service can include unconscious bias, inclusive cultures, recruitment and selection strategy and well-being practices.

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Data Event Management

Datatech consultants have experience in creating events, such as leadership round tables, interactive technical sessions and industry-recognised conferences.

Your event will have a dedicated and qualified planner to deliver services, such as:

Guestlist engagement

Development of internal client networks

Industry recognised speaker networking

Product launches

Practical workshops and breakout sessions

Data award ceremonies

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